Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Love and Friendship

Oh My God....for a month i didn't have meaningful work. in the office i'm just joking and laughing with office friends, yahh.. they are so sweet and so funny..
every word they say, certainly it makes the stomach like whipped. Hahahahahhaa :D. They are really funny. I such to know them for years, when only three months we really know each other. Hehe... If a holiday, we always take the time to go along.. (nice moment).

This may be a new year gift for me, because it has been getting best friends.. But i'm sad because they are all planning to resign. they had been many years working in the office where i work now, they resign their reasons are already bored with the world of work. I am also planning to resign, but the reason i resigned, because my current job is not going to make me grow.

 I always hope that my new workplace later, i also have friends like them.. Amiiinn ^_^

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  2. such cute pics


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  4. ko pada resign sih.. so sad, and they reason maybe bored

    Mampir kesini ya Info Diskon, Kuliner, Lalu Lintas Terbaru

    1. info nya keren ikh,, lengkap lagi.. ^^

      tkhank for visid..

      follow q dunk.. ^^

  5. Nice post , you are lookinfg fun with your friend


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